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Farmer Mac Refresh - Be Prepared for the Fall Lending Season with Farmer Mac - Shared screen with speaker view
Mariah Gehle
Send any questions you have here!
Thomas Schnelt
On a F & R loan. when putting projections together are there set commodity prices that Farmer Mac would like to use to determine debt service?
Michael LaTempt
Could you talk about when to go Ag Express on a deal vs. when to look at Fast Track Underwriting?
Patrick Kerrigan
Great questions
Mark Cox
Can you elaborate on the D&B score under requirements for the various loan programs? Not familiar with that.
laura dixon
Question on AgXpress...many times we are taking the application in the field...is it possible to take a paper application with us and get it signed instead of having to input the application, get it printed out at the office, and taking it back out to the customer to get signed?