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Farmer Mac Refresh - Agriculture Today: New Era of Prosperity or Temporary Opportunity? Featuring Dr. David Kohl - Shared screen with speaker view
Patrick Kerrigan
Any questions for Dr. Kohl?
Amber Pritchard
Any concerns that US will not be able to continue paying all this debt we have taken on?
mat berger
Do you expect increased margins with organic row crops due to the tensions in Ukraine and the large amount of organic feed they import to the US?
Steven White
If China decides to buy Ag commodities from other countries do you think that it will produce opportunities from other countries to sell to?
Kerry Hoops
What do you think the immediate impact will be to the economy / agriculture if Russia invades Ukraine?
Mitch Selking
looks like China's purchases were below goal and have slowed down. Do you think they're done buying?
John Sullivan
Will there ever be a time that most of crop of imputs can be sourced in the U.S. ?
Randy Bruck
In 2012 you said corn was not going below $5. When will corn go below that again?
Darrin Thurston
Always love the insight from Dr. Kohl, thank you so much for putting it on!