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Farmer Mac Refresh -Midwest Farmland Values and U.S.-China Agricultural Trade with Dr. Wendong Zhang - Shared screen with speaker view
Patrick Kerrigan
Go Cyclones!
mat berger
Are we in a bubble
Gregory Lyons
Do you have an estimate for what share of growth over the last 2 years is due to the rate environment rather than changes in cash receipts? Or the same over the last two decades?
Mark Rickels
If a farm has a wind turbine on it, is there a formula you use to calculate how that income plays into the selling price per acre of that farm?
Danny Odom
Will we have access to the presentation materials?
Gregory Lyons
Do you believe there were significant differences between reported impacts from AFR and the reality on the ground? If so, are there reporting gaps elsewhere?
Gregory Lyons
*ASF, not AFR